Winwick CE School Community Improvement Plan – Consultation

Winwick CE Primary School has asked the Council to help it to publicise its consultation on the School’s Community Improvement Plan.

The Plan envisages 3 phases of development centred around the school, but which may affect the interests of Winwick Parish Council, users of the Community and Leisure Centre and Myddleton Lane Playing Fields, as well as the wider community.

The following documents are available:

Consultation Letter

Community and Improvement Plan.

At its meeting on 23 February 2021, Winwick Parish Council was invited to comment on the Plan, prior to its wider publication by the School.  The Council agreed the proposals ‘in principle’, subject to further negotiations with the School’s representatives about the details of what is proposed.

At this stage members of the public are requested to submit any comments directly to the School.  The deadline for responses to the consultation has been extended to Monday 5 April 2021.  There will, however, be an opportunity in the future to submit comments to the Council.

Winwick Litter Network

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that it intends to work closely with the newly launched Winwick Litter Network.

This is a Community-run resource for reporting and volunteering to clean up litter problems in local neighbourhoods across Winwick Parish.  A similar group is already in operation in Croft and there are several more within Warrington.

If you’ve spotted a litter problem; then simply post on the Winwick Litter Network Facebook group with as much information as you can.  If you’ve cleaned up some litter, perhaps on your regular exercise route or within your favourite dog walking area, then you might want to report that.  This in turn will hopefully lead to other local people becoming involved. There are already a number of regular litter-pickers who have “adopted” certain lanes.  This initiative seeks to celebrate what they’ve been doing and widen the reach of volunteer activity.  The Network’s ultimate aim is to have a much cleaner, greener Winwick with far less littering and fly-tipping impacting on our local environment.

Unfortunately, at this time due to Lockdown restrictions, the Network is unable to launch “organised” litter-picking.  Accordingly, in the short term, activity will need to be contained to individual volunteer responses or 6 people or two households “exercising” together (while picking up litter).  However, the Network’s Facebook Group will facilitate co-ordination of individual reporting and clean-up activity even during Lockdown.  Once restrictions are lifted and better weather is with us, organised multi-volunteer litter-picking can be properly launched, where key hotspots such as Delph Lane near B&Q will be targeted.  One successful pick has already taken place on Delph Lane, with others on Hermitage Green Lane and the Sankey Valley Trail.

Health and Safety will be paramount in everything connected with Winwick Litter Network.  The ready availability of litter-picking equipment, safety gloves, hi-vis vests, etc. are all firmly on the Network’s agenda with a small initial order already received.  Equally, the safety of volunteers undertaking litter-picking and the management – and potential re-cycling – of the diverse range of litter and debris collected will at all times need to be at the core of everything carried out by the Network.

A Volunteer Litter Picking Sheet, provided by Warrington Borough Council, sets out some key tips and health and safety risk assessment information for organised litter picks.

In its first week, or so, the Network already had around 30 local people who had expressed an interest in becoming involved.  By the middle of March this number had grown to over 160 people, many of whom had joined the Network’s new Facebook group.  This is a superb response.

The Parish Council hopes that the launch of the Network and the associated Facebook Group will help in focusing the spotlight on the growing issue of litter (and also fly-tipping) within Winwick and bring about even more interested people to complement those already active or keen to become involved.  The activities of the Network will support the work of the Parish Council’s own Litter Picker Service and the wider waste services provided by Warrington Borough Council.

If you want to have a further look into the concept of Litter Networks please go to please go to 

The link to the Network’s new Facebook group is via its website at Winwick Litter Network 

Network Members will be celebrating their achievements at an event due to be held on Thursday 24 June 2021 at 7.30pm at Winwick Community and Leisure Centre.  Why not sign up?

Elections 2021

Elections are due to take place in this area in 2021 for Winwick Parish Council, Warrington Borough Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire.

Notices of Election have been published as follows:-

Parish Councils in Warrington

Warrington Borough Council

Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire

Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates Election Address

The last date for delivery of nomination papers to the relevant Returning Officer is up to 4pm on Thursday 8 April 2021.

Remember – If you are not registered, you cannot vote.  The last date for receiving applications for registration is Monday 19 April 2021.

Further information is available on the Elections webpage of the Borough Council, as follows:

Elections 2021

Public Meetings

Due to increasing COVID-19 infection rates in Warrington and the enhanced restrictions proposed to take effect from midnight on Monday 21 September 2020, the Parish Council will continue to hold public meetings in a virtual format. This includes the Council meeting due to be held on 22 September 2020

Members of the public can view all meetings on You Tube and a link to the relevant web page will be provided on the cover of each Agenda. Agenda papers can be found in the Documents area of our website.

Notice of Casual Vacancy – Peel Hall Ward

A vacancy has arisen in the Peel Hall Ward of Winwick Parish Council. A link to the formal notice of casual vacancy is included below.

Public Notice

Please note that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, if an election is triggered by 10 electors, a poll to fill the casual vacancy does not take place. Instead the vacancy is filled at the ordinary election on 6 May 2021. If no election is triggered the Council may fill the vacancy earlier by means of co-option.

Parish Council Meeting – 26 May 2020

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be a virtual meeting only, held on Tuesday 26 May 2020, commencing at 7.30pm.

A copy of the Agenda is available in the Documents area of our website.

Information on how to view the meeting will be posted shortly on our website homepage.

Stay alert- Control the virus – Save lives

Public Meetings – Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the on-going restrictions in place to protect public health during the Coronavirus pandemic, scheduled public meetings of the Council, Management Committee and Annual Parish Assembly will not currently take place.

The Council is, however, considering the possible need for future meetings and is exploring the Government’s new rules allowing virtual local authority meetings to take place.  Further information will be available on our website as and when meetings resume.

The Community and Leisure Centre will remained closed until further notice.

Stay at home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Disposal of Public Open Space

Winwick Parish Council is proposing to dispose of an area of open land of approximately 600m2 situated in the North West corner of Myddleton Lane Playing Fields. The proposal will facilitate the development of a car park for use by Winwick CE Primary School, which will also be accessible by Winwick Leisure Centre. The new car park will free up the school’s existing car park for conversion into an outdoor play area for the children.  Further details of this proposal together with an indicative plan are displayed on the public notice board in the Reception area of Winwick Leisure Centre, or can be viewed using the link below.

Telephone Boxes

In 2016 BT carried out a consultation exercise in relation to telephone boxes with low usage, which it intended to decommission. Three of those boxes identified were in Winwick village.

A public consultation was carried out on behalf of BT by Warrington Borough Council at that time and the details of the consultation appeared in the local press and were shared and on social media by local councillors. One response was received by councillors. The consultation closed on 2nd December 2016.

A further consultation was held by Warrington Borough Council on their draft response to BT, which ended on 19th January 2017.  The response included an indication that Winwick Parish Council might wish to adopt the telephone box on Hermitage Green. To this end, the Parish Council it wrote out to residents at 17 addresses on Golborne Road, Hermitage Close, Rosemount Cottages and Rosemount on 23rd April 2018, asking for feedback about potential uses for the telephone box. Residents were invited to attend the Parish Council meeting on 22nd May 2018 in order to discuss the matter. The Council received four replies to the letter, two supportive of keeping the box and two not.

It had come to the Council’s attention that there were issues with the condition of the box, specifically the door. The Parish Council wrote to BT to ask that the box be repaired prior to the adoption taking place, due to serious concerns that bringing the box into a good state of repair and then maintaining it would be costly. BT ultimately replied to say that the Parish Council would have to adopt the box in its present state and that, at best, they would only consider minor repairs to the hinges.

The issue was discussed at Parish Council on 22nd May and 26th June. At the meeting in June, significant concerns were raised about the state of the door, cleanliness, misuse and the costs of on-going repairs. There was a lengthy discussion which also involved residents from Hermitage Green.

After much thought the Parish Council decided not to continue with the adoption.

Had the Parish Council not considered adopting the box, the outcome would have been the same.


Winwick Carnival 2018

Winwick Carnival 2018 will be on Saturday 21st July! Open 12pm until 5pm, at Winwick Leisure Centre, Myddleton Lane, Winwick, WA2 8LQ.

See you there 🙂